3 Big Secrets Behind Highest Paid Lacrosse Player Revealed

January 4, 2024

Highest Paid Lacrosse Player

Lacrosse fans often wonder who rakes in the most cash waving a stick. Believe it or not, pro lacrosse player salaries can be as varied as the positions they play on the field. Our blog slices through these numbers to reveal who’s scoring big off the field too.

Don’t miss out on the scoop—read on to know about highest paid lacrosse player.

Key Takeaways

  • Top highest paid lacrosse player can earn a lot, with the highest paid lacrosse player in 2023 making around $5 million.
  • Players don’t just make money from games. They also get cash from teaching camps, ads, and wearing certain brands.
  • The richest former lacrosse players have made even more by doing other business stuff after they stopped playing.

History of Lacrosse Player Salaries

Highest Paid Lacrosse Player

Long ago, lacrosse players played for the love of the game. Money was not a big part of it. They had regular jobs and played lacrosse on the side. But things started to change over time, that’s why we need to find out “Highest paid lacrosse player”

In 2001, Major League Lacrosse (MLL) began, and with it came the first paid professional lacrosse players in history. The money wasn’t much compared to other pro sports – some made as little as $7,000 each season! Only after more years did salaries grow slowly.

When the National Lacrosse League (NLL) got bigger so did player paychecks, top stars earned around $34,000 per year just from playing games.

The most recent league, the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), pays even better! Reports say average yearly wages are about $35,000 now. Plus famous names like Paul Rabil can make way more because they’re super good and well-known.

These leagues also let athletes earn extra cash through teaching camps or signing deals with companies who want them to wear their gear or be in ads.

So while it’s not football or basketball money yet, top lacrosse players today have come a long way from where they started! They’re finally getting real recognition – and real paychecks – for their amazing skills on field.

Factors Influencing Lacrosse Salaries

As we look at the journey players have taken with their pay, it’s clear that many things can change how much money they take home. How good a player is, and how well they play in games, often decides their salary.

Teams want to win, so they will pay more for players who help them do just that. Also, if a player has been in the league longer and has shown they can be trusted to perform well consistently, they might earn more and gets highest paid lacrosse player.

Another big thing is the deals players make outside of playing lacrosse. Wearing certain brands or talking about products can give players extra cash. Companies like sports equipment makers look for top talent to wear their gear and become faces of their brand.

This way, those brands get noticed when fans watch these stars on the field. And of course, what team a player joins matters too-some teams may just have more money to spend on athletes than others.


Overview of the Highest Paid Lacrosse Players

The highest paid lacrosse player in the world hail from different leagues and showcase exceptional skill, dedication, and earning potential. To find out who sits atop this lucrative field, keep reading for an insightful look into the world of elite lacrosse athletes.

Top Male Lacrosse Players

Lacrosse fans often look up to the top male lacrosse players. These athletes are not just skilled but also bring home big paychecks because of their talents.

  • Paul Rabil is known for being a superstar in the lacrosse world. He made news with his deals with Red Bull and New Balance, showing that players can earn well through endorsements.
  • Rob Pannell follows closely as one of the sport’s big names. He’s shined on the field and grabbed lucrative opportunities off it, making him a standout in terms of earnings.
  • Lyle Thompson carries his talent with grace and has become a fan favorite. His influence extends beyond the field, earning him significant paydays through sponsorships and appearances.
  • Tom Schreiber stands out not just for his incredible skill but also for his financial gains from the sport. Known widely, he has secured contracts that reflect his high status in lacrosse.
  • Myles Jones wows crowds with his play and cashes in through various income streams. His athletic prowess sees him well-compensated both on and off the turf.

Top Female Lacrosse Players

Shifting our focus to the women’s side of the game, female lacrosse players are stepping into the spotlight with both talent and earnings. They are breaking barriers and setting new standards in lacrosse.

  • Taylor Thornton has been a force on the field. She played for Northwestern University and won many awards. Taylor is known for her quick moves and strong defense.
  • Kayla Treanor dazzles fans with her smart plays. She was a star at Syracuse University and now coaches there too. Kayla scores lots of goals and helps other players score too.
  • Michelle Tumolo makes waves with her skills. She played for Syracuse University as well. Michelle is great at passing the ball and making plays happen.

Spotlight on the Highest Earner of 2023

Chase Coleman III, with a net worth of around $5 million, is the highest paid lacrosse player in 2023. Co-founding the Premier Lacrosse League has also contributed to his financial success in the sport.

His achievements exemplify how players can command substantial earnings through their skill and entrepreneurial ventures within the lacrosse industry. This demonstrates the potential for growth and financial rewards for professional players as the sport continues to evolve and expand.

The economic impact of high earnings in lacrosse reflects not only individual success but also contributes to the overall development and sustainability of the sport. As more players achieve significant financial prosperity, it sets a precedent for future generations of athletes, inspiring them to pursue careers in lacrosse with greater motivation and optimism.


List of Richest Former Lacrosse Players

Some former lacrosse players have gone on to achieve great success off the field, amassing significant wealth through various business ventures and investments. These former players serve as an inspiration for current athletes looking to secure their financial future beyond their playing careers.

Chase Coleman III

Chase Coleman III, a former lacrosse player for Williams College, has transcended the athletic realm to become one of the richest former lacrosse players with an astounding net worth of around $8.5 billion.

His pivot from sports to lucrative pursuits saw him thriving as a hedge fund manager and investor – achieving unparalleled financial success in his post-athletic career. This exemplifies how athletes can leverage their skills and strategic mindset gained from sports to excel in diverse fields outside traditional sports arenas.

Coleman’s remarkable journey showcases the potential for athletes to harness their drive, discipline, and competitive spirit honed through sports to achieve extraordinary success beyond their playing days.

Joe Tsai

Joe Tsai, with an estimated net worth of $7.5 billion, is one of the richest former lacrosse players. He co-founded Alibaba Group and is the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, showcasing his entrepreneurial success in both technology and sports industries.

Tsai’s substantial wealth places him among the top earners in the history of highest paid lacrosse player, highlighting his remarkable achievements beyond the realm of sports.

Amidst this elite group of high-earning individuals, Joe Tsai stands as a prominent figure whose influence extends far beyond athletic pursuits. His extensive business acumen and significant impact on various industries position him as a leading example for aspiring entrepreneurs within and outside the world of lacrosse.

Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman, with a net worth of $3 billion, stands among the top 10 highest paid lacrosse player. Her remarkable achievements in both lacrosse and business make her an influential figure and role model for aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs.

As one of the top female lacrosse players, she has significantly contributed to the growth and development of the sport. Meg Whitman’s association with the list of richest former lacrosse players not only underscores the potential for financial success in lacrosse but also highlights her commitment to supporting the sport’s growth and recognition.

Her notable presence among figures like Chase Coleman III and Joe Tsai showcases her influence within both lacrosse circles and broader economic spheres.

Bill Belichick

Let’s shift our focus from Meg Whitman to Bill Belichick, who stands out as one of the highest paid lacrosse player. With an estimated net worth of $60 million, his success in football has significantly contributed to his financial achievements.

Notably, Belichick’s involvement in both lacrosse and football serves as a testament to the potential for athletes to excel across multiple sports. His remarkable career places him among the list of richest former lacrosse players, reflecting his sheer dedication and prowess in the sporting arena.

Jim Brown

Jim Brown, with an estimated net worth close to $30 million, is a standout lacrosse player who played at Syracuse University before achieving great success in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns.

Renowned for his exceptional athletic ability in lacrosse during high school and college, Brown’s transition into professional football solidified his status as a versatile and accomplished athlete across multiple sports.

A multi-talented individual, Jim Brown has left an indelible mark not only in football but also in lacrosse. His exemplary career path serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes looking to excel across different sports domains while making significant financial gains.

Erika Nardini

Erika Nardini, a prominent figure in sports media, stands out as one of the highest paid lacrosse player. Her success both on and off the field highlights the potential for substantial financial rewards in lacrosse.

Nardini’s background in lacrosse coupled with her thriving career in sports media exemplifies the growing success within the sport and underscores the opportunity for players to command even higher earnings moving forward.

As an influential individual associated with successful careers in both lacrosse and sports media, Erika Nardini serves as a compelling example of the financial possibilities within the sport, shedding light on its lucrative nature and promising future prospects.

Chris Hogan

Moving on from discussing successful figures in lacrosse, it’s worth acknowledging the impressive trajectory of Chris Hogan. As one of the richest former lacrosse players with an estimated net worth of about $6 million, he has not only excelled in lacrosse but also experienced success as a Super Bowl champion in football.

This highlights the versatility and potential for athletes to thrive across different sports, demonstrating the growing financial rewards within lacrosse.

Hogan’s transition from lacrosse to football showcases an athlete’s ability to pursue diverse paths and achieve considerable success. His presence among the top earners emphasizes the increasing recognition and economic opportunities within the sport of lacrosse for both present and future players.

Economic Impact of High Earnings in Lacrosse

The significant rise in lacrosse salaries has brought about a notable economic impact, empowering players to amass considerable net worth. With top lacrosse players making well over $100,000 and even rookies starting at around $25,000, the sport has created substantial financial opportunities for its athletes.

This trend not only reflects the increasing popularity of lacrosse but also denotes the emergence of new leagues that have contributed to heightened earnings for players. Consequently, this economic growth has sparked interest in aspiring athletes who now see a potential avenue for lucrative careers within the sport.

Lacrosse’s economic impact also extends beyond individual player earnings to encompass broader financial implications on various levels within the industry. The escalating salaries have led to amplified business prospects and investment opportunities associated with both professional and amateur lacrosse activities.

Moreover, such upticks in player earnings can stimulate consumer spending related to lacrosse products and services, further bolstering the sport’s overall economic influence.

Comparison of Lacrosse Salaries with Other Major Sports

Lacrosse players, despite their skill and athleticism, often find their paychecks dwarfed by those in more mainstream sports. A stark contrast emerges upon examining their earnings compared to the giants of the sports world.

  • Baseball (MLB): A world of difference exists between the average MLB salary, which hovers around $4 million, and what professional lacrosse players earn. The disparity highlights lacrosse’s status as a growing, yet niche sport.
  • Basketball (NBA): The NBA’s minimum salary for a rookie in the 2022-2023 season stands at around $925,000, a figure that far exceeds the highest earnings in professional lacrosse, reflecting basketball’s global appeal and lucrative television contracts.
  • Football (NFL): Even NFL practice squad players earn a minimum of $9,200 per week, which tallies up to an income that surpasses the annual salary of most lacrosse professionals, showcasing the deep financial pockets of America’s beloved football league.
  • Hockey (NHL): The NHL’s entry-level players earn a minimum salary of $750,000 per year, which is leagues ahead of lacrosse salaries, driven by the hockey’s longstanding tradition and fanbase in North America.
  • Soccer (MLS): Major League Soccer shows a minimum salary of about $84,000 for the first-team roster, indicating a more modest, yet still significant, gap when compared to even the top lacrosse player salaries, signifying soccer’s growing foothold in the U.S.
  • Tennis & Golf: Individual sports like tennis and golf offer no salary but rather prize money, which can range from modest to millions per tournament for top athletes. Lacrosse players, in contrast, rely on a fixed salary with less lucrative endorsement possibilities.

This comparison lays bare the realities professional lacrosse players face in the world of sports economics, as they navigate a path defined by passion rather than the promise of outsized financial reward. Moving beyond these comparisons, the conversation shifts to explore the diverse income streams available to lacrosse players off the field.

Beyond the Game: Other Income Streams for Lacrosse Players

Professional lacrosse players can generate additional income through various avenues beyond their play on the field. These income streams may include:

1. Endorsement Deals: Many top professional lacrosse players secure lucrative endorsement deals with leading brands in sports and lifestyle sectors, such as apparel companies, energy drinks, and equipment manufacturers.

2. Coaching Clinics and Camps: Established players often capitalize on their experience by conducting coaching clinics and camps for aspiring young athletes. This not only helps them earn extra income but also contributes to the development of the sport at grassroots levels.

3. Media Opportunities: Players can explore opportunities in media such as becoming analysts or commentators for televised games, starting a vlog or podcast discussing lacrosse strategies and insights, or even lending their expertise to articles in sports magazines.

4. Product Licensing: Some players cash in on their popularity by licensing their name and image for use on merchandise like jerseys, sticks, apparel lines, video games etc, thus generating further revenue from sales.

5. Off-field Ventures: Exploring businesses within industries aligned with personal interests – whether it’s investing in startups related to sports technology or launching lifestyle brands – offers another means of diversifying income sources outside the game itself.

6. Educational Workshops: Conducting workshops focused on fitness training regimens tailored specifically for lacrosse players could be another avenue where seasoned professionals can share knowledge while earning an additional income stream.

7. Community Engagement Projects: Engaging with local communities through charitable initiatives or involvement in youth programs also opens up opportunities to collaborate with sponsors who support these activities financially.

These diverse off-field activities offer ample opportunity for professional lacrosse athletes to expand their financial portfolios while simultaneously contributing positively to the promotion of lacrosse as a popular sport across different demographics.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Lacrosse Salaries

After exploring the additional income streams for lacrosse players, it’s crucial to consider the future of lacrosse salaries. Here’s a comprehensive overview:

1. The growth of lacrosse and increasing financial rewards indicate potential for players to command even more substantial earnings in the future.

2. As the sport continues to gain popularity and participation increases, there will be a greater demand for top-tier talent, impacting salaries positively.

3. Lacrosse has also witnessed an increase in media coverage and broadcasting deals, which could lead to higher revenues for teams, potentially translating into better compensation for players.

4. Expansion of professional leagues and international competitions can open up new markets and opportunities, leading to increased player salaries globally.

This sets the stage for a promising outlook on lacrosse salaries in the years ahead as the sport continues its upward trajectory.


In conclusion, the world of lacrosse salaries is diverse and evolving. The highest paid lacrosse player often have a combination of skill, experience, and strategic negotiation skills. As the sport continues to grow in popularity and commercial success, it’s likely that players’ earnings will increase as well.

With endorsements, coaching opportunities, media exposure, and performance bonuses all contributing to potential income growth for lacrosse players.


1. Who is considered the highest paid lacrosse player?

Gary Gait, once a star for the Princeton Tigers and later turning his play into successful entrepreneurship, stands out among the richest lacrosse players.

2. Have any lacrosse players gained wealth outside of the sport?

Yes, David Morrow of Warrior Sports fame used his All-American status from Princeton to build a business empire beyond the field. His diversified approach mirrors strategies seen in stock market success stories like Tiger Global Management.

3. Are men’s and women’s lacrosse salaries equal?

There’s a gap; while Gary Gait has made significant earnings, figures in women’s leagues like United Women’s Lacrosse League still trail behind their male counterparts despite impressive skills and dedication shown by athletes.

4. What role does sponsorship play in a lacrosse player’s income?

Sponsorship deals are crucial – stars like Paul Rabil have partnered with big names such as Red Bull and Under Armour, showing how top talent can attract major brands and boost earnings significantly.

5. Can coaching add to a player’s income after retirement?

Definitely! Legends like Bill Belichick of The New England Patriots show that coaching at high levels often comes with lucrative rewards, retired players who turn to mentoring teams can continue earning well.

6. How do endorsements affect a player’s overall financial picture?

Endorsements can greatly increase a player’s value – just look at NFL icon Tom Brady or entrepreneurs like Julian Robertson who’ve leveraged their sports fame into lucrative deals that go way beyond game winnings.