Lacrosse Gear List : Pro Lacrosse Equipment List for Players

November 22, 2023

Upgrade Your Lacrosse Arsenal with This Must-Have Lacrosse Equipment List, Lacrosse Gear List

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Are you getting ready to start playing lacrosse but don’t know what type of Lacrosse equipment you need? Before venturing out and purchasing your gear, take the time to learn about the required items for this sport.

USA Lacrosse publishes an annual guide that outlines exactly what is necessary depending on gender, level of play, and age requirements. With this blog post, we will help solve any confusion around lacrosse gear list by sharing essential pieces of equipment from sticks to protective wear and even accessories such as bags or mesh & stringing supplies.

Get ready to hit the field with confidence – read on and find out everything of Lacrosse Equipment you need!

Key Takeaways

  • Essential lacrosse gear list for both boys and girls include lacrosse sticks, helmets, mouthguards, cleats/turf shoes, gloves and pads.
  • Protective gear like goggles are mandatory for female players while optional rib pads can be worn by experienced male athletes to provide extra cushioning from collisions.
  • Goalies require longer sticks plus special equipment such as chest protectors or throat guards in order to keep the most protection possible when protecting the goal line .
  • Players should invest in quality protective gear that meets safety standards so they can enjoy playing a safe game of lacrosse with maximum performance capabilities!

Essential Lacrosse Equipment List, Lacrosse Equipment Checklist

A composition of various essential lacrosse equipment laid out on a wooden table, including lacrosse sticks, gloves, helmets, and balls, arranged meticulously with attention to detail. The lighting is soft and diffused, casting gentle shadows that enhance the textures and shapes of the gear. The scene is set in a dimly lit locker room, creating a sense of anticipation and focus before a game. The atmosphere is filled with a mix of excitement and determination, as the equipment serves as a visual representation of the player's commitment to the sport. Still Life Photography, shot with a macro lens (100mm), capturing the intricate details and textures of the equipment

Required for all players, the essential gear includes a lacrosse stick, helmet, mouth guard, cleats/turf shoes, gloves and pads.

Lacrosse Sticks, Lacrosse Gear List

The lacrosse stick is essential for playing the game of lacrosse as it is used in various actions such as catching, passing, shooting and defending. It consists of two main parts: the head and shaft.

The head allows for better control over catches, passes and shots while the shaft provides power to shots and passes. For beginners, brands like STX, Under Armour, Warrior or Brine offer a wide range of options suitable for all levels.

Generally these starter sets cost between $40-$100 depending on quality and design features that are optimal for whatever position you play. If chosen correctly with good fitment guidelines followed then players will be more successful during competitive games when using their stick effectively.



Lacrosse Helmet

Head protection is essential in all sports, and lacrosse does not escape this rule. Lacrosse helmet must meet safety requirements set by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

The helmet may have face guard bars or half-shields that cover one’s eyes and mouth. It comes with adjustable straps to ensure it fits properly and snugly on the wearer’s head while allowing them to see unobstructed from behind the full shield.

Aesthetically, helmets come in an array of colors sure to match any team’s colors as well as a range of sizes for children to adults.

Lacrosse helmets are designed specifically to withstand impacts caused by player-player contact or errant balls being shot at high velocity from within reasonable distances. To achieve impact absorption, some lacrosse helmets contain foam inserts made of energy mitigate material which offer certain levels of shock absorbency when force is applied against them during play.


Lacrosse Mouthguard

A mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment in most contact, collision and impact sports, including lacrosse. In lacrosse, players are at risk for sustaining oral injuries from balls or other player contact during competition.

Wearing a properly-fitted mouthguard can help to protect the teeth, lips, gums and tongue. Generally speaking, experts recommend athletes in sports with likely impact, contact and collision wear a dental protection product like a custom-fit mouthguard that offers increased comfort and better protection than boil & bite generic varieties.

Additionally in girls’ lacrosse colored mouthguards are required since clear white or decorative options offer inadequate contrast against white uniforms on the field hindering spotting defense players.


Lacrosse Cleats/Turf Shoes

Lacrosse players require cleats or turf shoes in order to move quickly and safely on the field. Designed with features specific to lacrosse, such as a toe spike for extra traction, these special performance footwear allow players to have better grip while running and cutting at higher speeds.

In addition, they offer foot protection and support for ankle stability while making quick turns and changes in direction – essential when playing this fast-paced game. When selecting cleats or turf shoes, it is important that athletes purchase quality sports gear from reputable brands that meet safety standards – this can prevent injuries due to improper fit or insufficient strength of materials used.

The typical price range for lacrosse cleats or turf shoes is $40-$130 depending on the type of shoe selected, however there are always some discounts available if shoppers do their research ahead of time.


Lacrosse Gloves

Lacrosse gloves are an essential piece of equipment for field players. They protect the hands and wrists, offering much needed safety from serious injury while ensuring flexible movement required during gameplay.

Lacrosse gloves should be able to provide a good grip on the stick and provide a barrier against impact with hard surfaces or other players’ sticks. They are made from similar fabric as helmets, but often have plastic plating on top of this to offer extra protection against impacts greater than what the helmet can take care of itself.

It is important that lacrosse gloves fit properly; if they’re too tight or loose then it will inhibit movement making player safety more difficult to maintain since speed and agility become hindered when playing with ill-fitting gear.


Lacrosse Pads

Pads lacrosse are essential lacrosse equipment for players looking to protect themselves when playing the game. Boys field lacrosse requires shoulder pads and arm pads, which provide extra protection from hard impacts like checks or body contact during gameplay.

Arm guards can also be added for additional coverage on the arms against tough checks. Rib pads can be worn as optional protective gear add even more cushioned support against rough contacts with other players or objects on the field.

With any kind of player pad or protective gear, it’s important to look for quality products that fit properly and meet official safety standards in order to ensure complete protection during play.


Lacrosse Balls

Lacrosse balls are considered an essential piece of lacrosse equipment, necessary for the game and being used by players during gameplay. These small round objects are made from rubber compounds and typically measure between 7 to 9 inches in circumference with a weight of around 5 ounces.

A regulation ball is designed for players to catch, pass, shoot accurately and bounce it off the ground or walls. Lacrosse balls come in different colors such as white, yellow or orange – which depends on the type of play.

In addition to these specialized features required by lacrosse rules, it is also important that all protective gear – helmets face masks etc—is worn throughout the game before touching a lacrosse ball so that injuries can be prevented.


Position-specific Equipment list

Different players will need different gear, so make sure to select the right equipment according to your position on the lacrosse field.

Different gear for different positions

Lax players have different gear requirements based on their position. For instance, defenseman usually need longer sticks with more stiffness, which help them hold players off and play defense well. Attackmen and middies will likely buy a shorter sticks to complete dodges and shoot quickly. Goalies should have a longer sticks and special equipment designed to protect them from shots to the chest, head and legs.

  • Required equipment for boys
  • Required equipment for girls
  • Optional Equipment

Required equipment for boys

  • Lacrosse stick: a head and lacrosse shafts are needed for practice and gameplay.

Required equipment for girls

Women lacrosse requires specific equipment to safely play the game. Essential gear for girls’ lacrosse players includes:

  1. A Lacrosse Stick
  2. Goggles
  3. Gloves
  4. Helmets – these are mandatory and offer protection against balls, sticks, and falls on hard surfaces during games or practices
  5. Shoulder pads – often padded with lightweight foam core materials as additional protective layers from injuries during collisions
  6. Arm Pads – some players may opt for elbow guards instead of arm pads if they prefer mobility over coverage in their protection from injury
  7. Rib Pads (optioead protecnal) – can be worn by experienced female players or those who want extra padding even though it is not mandated to wear them
  8. Head Protection – head protecion is necessary especially when playing defense; softball-style face masks allow full vision while providing enough padding to protect important facial features from getting damaged
  9. Mouthguards serve two main purposes : controlling concussion risk ,and protecting teeth during contact
  10. Cleats/Turf shoes help provide traction on the playing field which helps keep you agile and safe while playing
  11. Appropriate apparel such as shorts, t-shirts or jerseys should also be considered , depending on what type of items your team wears

Optional equipment checklist

  • Rib pads can provide additional protection for lacrosse players.
  • Headgear and close – fitting gloves are optional for field players in lacrosse, as well as a headband or other accessories.
  • A comprehensive lacrosse equipment buying guide is available to help players choose the right gear, including optional equipment.
  • The lacrosse goalie gear guide also provides recommendations for specific optional items that goalies may need when playing in this position.
  • Men Lacrosse requires a specific list of necessary equipment and some items may be marked as “optional”. Optional pieces of equipment include knee/shin guards, elbow pads, chest protectors and more depending on each player’s individual needs.
  • When selecting additional protective gear such as helmets, rib pads or even gloves it is important to consider safety standards established by governing bodies like US Lacrossse while looking for properly fitting product from reputable brands at an appropriate price point.

Additional Accessories

To make the game easier and enjoyable, Lacrosse enthusiasts should also consider getting additional accessories such as lacrosse bags, mesh and stringing supplies, and different protective gear specially designed for goalies.

Lacrosse bags

Lacrosse bags are specifically designed to carry and store all of the necessary equipment for playing this sport. With generous room for lacrosse sticks, cleats, helmets, balls and other pieces of gear, these spacious bags can be used to easily transport your items from practice to game day.

Backpacks and duffle bags feature adjustable straps that make hauling heavy equipment a breeze while sticks carriers provide specialized storage capabilities so you don’t have to worry about carrying those bulky poles around.

Additionally, many high-end lacrosse bag systems offer extra pockets or compartments in order to separate additional protective clothing like shoulder pads from more fragile items such as strings or mesh.


Mesh and stringing supplies

Mesh and stringing supplies are essential lacrosse equipment that create the pocket in the lacrosse head, affecting control and accuracy while catching, throwing, and shooting. They come in various materials, designs, and colors to cater to each individual’s preference.

Stringing supplies such as string and laces not only secure the mesh but also contribute to achieving desired performance and ball control. A good quality of lacrosse mesh which is properly strung will ensure better results when it comes to sticks handling skills like tossing or cradling with this sportswear.

ECD Lacrosse is one of the top companies in providing high-quality mesh material along with other accessories – gloves, helmets etc., for both amateur as well as professional players worldwide.


Tips for Choosing and Purchasing Lacrosse Equipment

Understanding the features of each piece and researching reputable brands is a must before you make an investment in lacrosse equipment, so read on for more helpful information!

Consider quality and safety standards, especially for Lacrosse Goalie

When selecting lacrosse gear, it is critical to consider quality and safety standards. This will ensure that the equipment being used by players are up to safe and proper standards that come with extensive testing.

The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is responsible for setting safety requirements for a variety of sports including lacrosse in order to regulate how much force a piece of equipment can withstand without causing injury.

It requires manufacturers who produce lacrosse sticks, helmets, pads, gloves or balls to mark them accordingly so people know they meet the standard set by NOCSAE. A key component is using an approved helmet specifically designed for use in lacrosse as well as other protective gear specific to each position.

These quality measures help prevent players from suffering unnecessary injuries due to laxative material or design failure resulting from poor manufacturing practices such as loose threads or poorly fitted components which could increase potential risks during game play.

Look for equipment that fits properly

Lacrosse requires a lot of specialized gear, from helmets and sticks to gloves, protective pads and cleats. It is essential that all players select proper sizing for their lacrosse equipment in order to not only perform their best but also stay safe on the field.

When choosing equipment, look for items specific to one’s age and gender as different sizes may be required for each demographic. Proper fit can also enhance performance by increasing mobility and comfortability which help create success during game situations.

Failure to wear properly fitting equipment could lead to struggles with catching or throwing due to lack of control or an inability to move within the confines of ill-fitting protective pieces leading to potential injury risks.

Experienced players should offer input when selecting gear while finding advice from specialists at professional lacrosse stores will ensure that all purchased products are up-to-date with safety standards as well as provide quality recommendations regarding size selection according ro individual attributes.

Research reputable brands

When purchasing lacrosse equipment, it is important to research reputable brands in order to ensure quality and safety standards. Reliable companies use high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques which can significantly improve the performance of products.

Additionally, wellknown lacrosse companies often provide long warranty periods which can guarantee satisfaction with your purchase. Shopping for items from reputed names such as STX, Maverik, Warrior or Gait will help you find gear that fits properly and offers excellent durability.

What’s more, trusted lacrosse manufacturers are dedicated to providing topnotch customer service through reliable product information on their websites and committed after sales support programs.


Overview, Lacrosse is an exciting sport to play in high school or box lacrosse that requires the right equipment and gear in order to play safely and successfully. Key pieces of lacrosse equipment include a stick, helmet, chinstrap, mouthguard, shoulder pads/liners, arm guards, gloves, and athletic protector for boys’ games.

Girls’ required equipment may vary slightly but will largely be similar to men’s items needed. There are dozens of different brands available with each having unique quality standards when it comes to safety measures as well as size availability.

It is essential for players to have comfortable yet protective gear that meets their individual needs in order to perform optimally on the field during gameplay or practice.

USA Lacrosse provides an annual Equipment Guide outlining what requirements there are with regards to both male and female lacrosse along with a checklist on choosing the correct type of equipment depending on position played within the game itself or age group playing at amateur levels.

Also provided would be tips from experienced players such as helpful information when it comes lo looking out for used lacrosse equipment deals allowing young athletes access without compromising quality into lower budgeted solutions many families utilize today due to cost restrictions set around clubs & programs offering Lacrosse access & educational support across all areas USA wide .


1. What kinds of equipment do I need for lacrosse?

To play lacrosse, players need a stick, gloves, protective gear such as shoulder pads, elbow pads and helmets, as well as cleats or sneakers.

2. Is it important to buy the right size of equipment?

Yes, it is very important to purchase the correct size and type of equipment for safety and optimal performance. For instance, a headless lacrosse gear allows more flexibility in controlling passes or shots than one with too much weight on top.

Fitting correctly is key when preparing for any kind of sport!

3. Can I use my old helmet for lacrosse?

No – due to advances in technology over time all sports now require that safety-related gear such as helmets be replaced every few years depending on your team’s regulations and recommendations from Lacrosse manufacturers (e.g., Cascade). Check with your coach to ensure you have the most up to date version available so you can stay safe while having a good time playing your game!

4. Are there other pieces of gear that might be helpful while playing Lacrosse?

Yes – Other pieces include rib Pads both front & back if desired drifferent types are being used at certain positions like attack/middie defense wings etc… Additionally compression shorts which help reduce muscle fatigue by keeping muscles warm even during cold weather games Athletic tape provides additional comfort & support Tape can also protect an athlete’s skin from abrasion due its adhesive nature

Mouth guards provide extra protection against blows which could cause serious injury around the face mouth area .It’s strongly recommended by leading players , sponsors coaches Managers Etc ..that each player has their own personal properly fitted mouth guard .

5. How often should I replace my plastic handlebar on my lacrosse stick ?

Your handlebar may become worn out after extensive use but regular examination will help determine when you should replace. As general rule handles should be replaced annually. It’s best to watch out for fraying splitting cracking weak points near supplies screws.