What season is lacrosse played

What Season Is Lacrosse Played: Discover Best Lacrosse Time

December 22, 2023

What Season is Lacrosse Played

Trying to get a handle on the sports calendar can feel like you’re chasing a lacrosse ball in sudden-death overtime. You’re not alone if you’ve ever been puzzled about when lacrosse season actually starts and also Where this sport most popular.

Like many fans, I needed a deep dive into the facts to figure it out and turns out, those professional indoor lacrosse players are gearing up while we’re still decking the halls in December! After scouring schedules and regulations at every level of play—from eager youngsters just learning to cradle the stick to seasoned pros—I’m thrilled to share that I’ve mapped out an entire year’s worth of lacrosse action for us.

So come along—your comprehensive guide to all things lacrosse is just a quick pass away!

Key Takeaways

  • Lacrosse seasons differ, but most start in spring with college games from February to May and high school from March to June.
  • Indoor lacrosse like the National Lacrosse League plays from December to April, making it a year – round sport.
  • Professional outdoor leagues have games in summer, with the Premier Lacrosse League running June through August.
  • Young players hit the field for youth lacrosse season practices starting in March and games from April to early June.
  • College players face changes moving up from high school, with different NCAA divisions offering varying competition levels and scholarship chances.


Understanding Lacrosse as a Sport

Lacrosse is a fast-paced game played with a stick and a ball. Players use the stick to catch, carry, and shoot the ball into the other team’s goal. Each team tries to score more goals than the other.

There are ten players on each side: three attackmen, three midfielders, three defensemen, and one goalie. The sport requires speed, skill, and teamwork.

It’s split into two types: field lacrosse and box lacrosse. Field lacrosse is played outdoors on a big grassy area much like soccer fields. Box lacrosse happens indoors in an area about the size of a hockey rink.

Both types have different rules but share many skills and strategies.

Now I’ll talk about when teams play their games during different seasons of lacrosse, then answer “What season is Lacrosse played?”

What Season Is Lacrosse Played?

Lacrosse is played in various seasons, including college lacrosse season, high school lacrosse season, youth lacrosse season, Premier Lacrosse League season, and National Lacrosse League season.

Each of these seasons has its own start and end months and length.

College Lacrosse Season

College games kick off in February and stretch until late spring. Teams play hard, aiming to make it into the NCAA tournament. This big event has lots of matches where schools compete to be the best.

The season wraps up with a final champion crowned on Memorial Day Weekend.

Now, let’s talk about what happens at high school levels during their lacrosse season.

High School Lacrosse Season

I know a lot about high school lacrosse because I’ve seen many games and talked to lots of players. It’s an exciting time for these young athletes! Their season usually starts in March and can go all the way until May or even June.

The big moment comes on Memorial Day Weekend in May, when the seasons wrap up with final games. Teenagers work hard during this period, practicing skills and playing matches against other schools.

After high school lacrosse finishes, some players might think about playing at college level. That’s a big step with new challenges, like tougher competition and more teams to beat.

Youth Lacrosse Season

Just like high schoolers, younger players get in on the action during the youth lacrosse season. Kids start practicing in March and play games from April until early June. This makes lacrosse a spring sport for these young athletes.

They learn to work as a team and improve their skills while enjoying this fast-paced game. For many of them, it’s their first chance to experience the thrill of competition and the joy of playing with friends.

what season is lacrosse played
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Premier Lacrosse League Season

The Premier Lacrosse League regular season runs from early June to the end of August, featuring intense matchups and thrilling competition. With a highly competitive 18-game schedule, the league showcases top-tier lacrosse talent in action across fourteen teams.

The playoffs and championship take place in September, culminating in high-stakes games where players showcase their skills in pursuit of victory. Notably, the 2022 season saw a record number of teams competing, adding to the excitement for fans and players alike.

The recent seasons have been marked by significant growth and expansion within the league.

National Lacrosse League Season

After the Premier Lacrosse League season concludes, the action continues with the National Lacrosse League (NLL). The NLL regular season typically runs from December to April. With teams such as Toronto Rock, Calgary Roughnecks, and Edmonton Rush in the mix, fans can expect an intense competition across various arenas.

Notable events to watch out for include the All-Star Game and playoffs that culminate into a thrilling championship matchup.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering the sport, following the high-octane action of the National Lacrosse League promises an adrenaline-packed experience.

Duration of Lacrosse Seasons

The lacrosse seasons vary in duration, with each level of play having its own start and end months. Understanding the length of the seasons is crucial for players, coaches, and fans to plan their schedules accordingly.

What Season Is Lacrosse Played ? Start and end months

For most levels of play, the lacrosse season starts in the spring and ends in the early summer. College lacrosse season kicks off in February and goes until May, including the NCAA tournament.

High school lacrosse seasons usually run from March to May or June depending on the state. Youth lacrosse teams play games between April and early June, with practices starting in March.

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) regular season runs from early June to late August, with playoffs and championship games in September. Meanwhile, the National Lacrosse League (NLL) regular season spans from December to April, with playoffs and championships taking place in May and June.

Length of seasons

The duration of lacrosse seasons can vary based on the level of play. College lacrosse season typically runs from February to May, encompassing the spring months. High school lacrosse seasons generally stretch from March to May or June, giving student-athletes a chance to compete during the end of the school year.

Youth lacrosse teams often start playing in April and finish by early June, allowing for a shorter but exciting season for young players. In contrast, professional indoor lacrosse leagues take place during winter, with the National Lacrosse League (NLL) regular season spanning from December to April and the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) regular season running from early June until late August.

Lacrosse remains an engaging sport throughout various times of the year, offering different opportunities for players at every level. Each seasonal variation contributes its own unique elements to the sport’s overall fabric, creating an inclusive and dynamic environment for athletes and fans alike.

Is Lacrosse a Year Round Sport?

Yes, lacrosse is a year-round sport. It’s played in the spring and summer months, but there are also indoor leagues and tournaments during the winter. The National Lacrosse League (NLL) season runs from December to April.

Additionally, there are summer lacrosse leagues and tournaments for players to participate in during the off-season.

Lacrosse offers continuous opportunities for players to engage with the sport throughout the year across different seasons and settings – indoors or outdoors.

What season is lacrosse played
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The Seasonality of Lacrosse: Fall or Spring?

Lacrosse is mainly played during the spring season. College, high school, and youth lacrosse leagues typically run from March to May or June. The National Lacrosse League’s regular season takes place from December to April.

Also, indoor lacrosse provides year-round play and practice opportunities.

The Eagle Pro Box Lacrosse League was formed in 1986, usually playing games in the spring. This seasonal timeline allows for optimal weather conditions and ensures that players can compete without disruptions caused by harsh winter weather.

Transition from High School to College Lacrosse

Transitioning from high school to college lacrosse can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Understanding the differences between NCAA lacrosse divisions, the best college lacrosse teams, and how college lacrosse rankings work can help high school players prepare for the next level of competition.

Differences between NCAA lacrosse divisions

NCAA lacrosse has three divisions: Division I, Division II, and Division III. Each division offers a different level of competition and scholarship opportunities for student-athletes.

Division I is the highest level and attracts top high school recruits, with intense competition and exposure. The focus in Division II is on a balance between athletics and academics while still providing competitive play.

Division III emphasizes the student-athlete experience with no athletic scholarships but still offering high-quality lacrosse.

Best college lacrosse teams

After understanding the differences in NCAA lacrosse divisions, it’s essential to recognize some of the best college lacrosse teams. Powerhouses like Syracuse, Duke, and Virginia have historically proven themselves as dominant forces in NCAA Division I men’s lacrosse.

On the women’s side, Maryland stands out with its consistent record of success and multiple national championships. These teams not only exhibit exceptional skill but also play a pivotal role in shaping the competitive landscape of college lacrosse.

The prevalence of these top-tier programs reflects their commitment to recruiting talented players, fostering strong team dynamics, and maintaining high standards of performance.

What season is lacrosse played
University of Maryland

College lacrosse rankings and how they work

College lacrosse rankings are crucial for evaluating team performance and attracting top high school talent in recruiting. These rankings are determined by Inside Lacrosse poll, USILA Coaches poll, and NCAA RPI based on winning percentage and strength of schedule.

As a coach, I heavily rely on these rankings to assess potential recruits and gauge my team’s overall schedule strength.

Additionally, college lacrosse rankings serve as a benchmark for the program’s competitiveness and can significantly impact the team’s reputation within the sport. The use of these services allows recruiters to scout talented players effectively while assessing their own team’s trajectory in competitive play with confidence.


Lacrosse is played across different seasons, including the College Lacrosse Season and the High School Lacrosse Season. Youth players also have their season, as well as the Premier Lacrosse League and National Lacrosse League.

The duration of these seasons varies but generally spans from spring to early summer. With different professional leagues, lacrosse offers opportunities for players throughout the year.


1. When do professional lacrosse games happen?

Professional lacrosse games usually happen during the regular-season, and it can vary depending on the league. For example, in the National Lacrosse League (NLL), they play from late fall to early summer.

2. Where is the National Lacrosse League All-Star game played?

The location for the National Lacrosse League All-Star game can change each year. In the past, big places like Pepsi Center have hosted these exciting events where fans see top players like Gary Gait and John Tavares show their skills.

3. Can I watch lacrosse on TV or sports networks?

Yes! You can catch lacrosse games on channels like NBC, ESPN2, CBS Sports Network, and sometimes even special “Game of the Week” broadcasts done by sports networks.

4. What are some famous teams that play indoor lacrosse?

Some well-known teams in professional indoor lacrosse include Colorado Mammoth who might play at Pepsi Center, Philadelphia Wings, Boston Blazers, Rochester Knighthawks, New York Titans and others that compete hard every season.

5. Does college recruiting happen for lacrosse just like with collegiate basketball?

Absolutely! Just like in collegiate basketball, there’s a college recruiting process for young players aiming to become part of teams at colleges known for strong programs including Johns Hopkins University.

6. Is there a postseason and playoffs in professional lacrosse leagues?

Yes indeed! After playing through their scheduled seasons, teams fight for a spot in semifinals or finals hoping to win championships through tense playoff battles including face-offs, sudden death overtimes if needed before one team comes out as champion.